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Recent Testimonials

Nicky combines a naturally friendly approach, with humour and thorough professionalism. She is very flexible, and that enabled a bespoke approach to our work together and incorporation of my dietary foibles. She has a deep understanding of the science, as the wall full of certificates proves, that she deployed to address my nutritional ignorance. I am close to losing 2 stone, which I never thought possible, and frankly it's been fun. I now have a sustainable and healthier attitude to food from which I will always benefit and will always be grateful.

Phil September 2023

In the nine weeks I have been working with Nicky my weight and fat loss has been entirely down to her. Her knowledge is exceptional: I have learned so much and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Graham Jun 2023

Nicky has introduced me to a whole new way to approach food through her clear explanations of how to achieve the correct carbs/protein/fat food balance, I have achieved a steady weight loss (with no hunger pangs!) and I now feel confident I can maintain this new regime on my own.
Nicky also provided practical help with new recipes to follow as well as helpful analyses of the food diaries she asked me to keep.

Sam Dec 2022

Nicky melts away all the myths about weight loss. The tailor made meal plans, suggestions and support was exceptional which made the whole process of healthy eating and weight loss a positive experience.
We are definitely what we eat.

Liza, October 2022


Nicky takes a positive and empowering approach to management of weight loss, removing the mystification and making weight loss easy to understand and the targets realistic to reach. She is friendly and the personalised approach made me feel that my weight loss mattered on a personal level! I can’t recommend Nicky enough.

CC, September 2022

Nicky helps dispel the myths of dieting with practical advice and help, tailored to the individual. She educated me on the correct balance of food and nutrients required for a healthy weight loss. The online tracker provided a great tool to keep me on the right track in my weight loss journey.

Andy, June 2022


Nicky provided a friendly and professional service and set me straight on the poor food choices I'd been making!
I was looking to lose weight and needed assistance in putting together healthier meal plans + snacks.
Nicky is very knowledgeable and has a great way of presenting her nutrition sessions. She also gives helpful tips on food swaps or tweaks to your favourite recipes to reduce sugar and/or saturated fat.
Well worth contacting for a more bespoke approach.

Sonia, May 2022

I had a really great experience consulting with Nicky , I wanted to lose weight and change my eating habits. Nicky was kind, accurate, and full of practical knowledge. Her calculations on my food diary were brilliant, and helped me better understand what I was doing right as well as the things I could improve on. She helped me to understand what is a healthy lifestyle, with all of the information she provided me with. I highly recommend her as a nutritionist. she is very knowledgeable and helpful. Great experience - if you have been struggling with your diet for some time, don't wait anymore, it's really worth it.

Mae; January 2022

I went to see Nicky as I wanted to lose weight. She worked out a food plan for me and told me where I was going wrong with the food I was eating. I learnt so much about the different nutrients and why they are all important in your diet. Nicky is very thorough, explains things very well and is also very encouraging. Her sessions are fun and informative. I have managed to lose over a stone and am still seeing Nicky monthly for review sessions. I would recommend her highly.

Denise, September 2021

"Exceptionally professional.
A solid educational approach +. Personalised meal plans"

Ahmed, July 2021

"I cannot recommend Nicky highly enough. She is very knowledgeable, personable, patient and pragmatic. Her approach allows you to develop and learn at your own pace and is not overwhelming. It’s a very bespoke service. Nicky sessions were always a pleasure to attend and I have really enjoyed working with her on my nutrition journey. I’ve learned so much. Thank you for your support."

Lorraine, May 2021

"Absolutely enjoyed my time working with Nicky , she is knowledgeable and encouraging. She welcomes questions and always replies timeously to them."

Karen L, May 2021

"The time and effort that Nicky puts into working both with her clients and between consultations makes this service so worth it.  With great knowledge that you get taught as well as helping you to start new and better habits. Nicky is a wonderful person"

Jacob April 2021

"It's been really nice working with you and I am very comfortable with you, thank you for the support."

Jyoti March 2021


"As part of Jewish Blind & Disabled’s health and wellbeing programme, we were delighted to welcome one of our volunteers, Nicky Mann in January 2021 who ran an informative and interesting Zoom for our tenants, entitled New Year Nutrition. Nicky spoke with assured knowledge about food and nutrition and backed this up with an eye catching PowerPoint presentation. It was clear to see that the tenants were engaged and inquisitive by the many questions Nicky was asked during the presentation – all of which she answered fully and in a way that was easy to understand.

We would be delighted to welcome Nicky back and look forward to when she can talk face to face with the tenants in JBD’s developments"

Louise, February 2021

"Nicky has helped me lose a stone in 7 weeks I highly recommend Nicky Mann nutrition to anyone who is serious about losing weight!"

Chris, January 2021

"Thank you so much for all your guidance in helping me to lose weight and the knowledge on how to keep it off with simple and easy changes to my diet. You taught me that we all have choices on what we eat and I made a great choice choosing you as my nutritionist."

Karen F,  December 2020

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