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A great achievement

I just wanted to share the great progress of one of my clients. “L” is a 57 year old lady who contacted me in March because she wanted to lose some weight to feel her best. She was feeling “bloated and lacking energy”. With a BMI of 26 she was only just in the overweight category but knew that at her lightest she had felt so much healthier than she currently did. She also feared that excess weight would lay the foundations for health problems in later life.

Like many of us, she had tried various diets and slimming groups and had some success but always regained the weight.

We have been working together for a little over two months now and L has lost 5kg, 5cm from her waist and an amazing 11 cm from her abdomen. The weight has come off steadily allowing L to see her progress week on week. The surprising thing is that her average daily intake of calories is only 200 calories less now than it was in March and she is “eating more”. 200 calories is the equivalent of two apples, a 500ml bottle of coke or a portion of cheese, so not a lot! What did change was the nutritional value of the food she was eating. She now has a varied healthy diet, carefully balanced to achieve the right proportions of all food groups and based around the foods she likes and her own lifestyle.

Although the changes we have made may not yet have formed into habits, L has the knowledge to make choices to sustain further weight loss or maintain her weight in the future.

Click on the link to see L’s own words.

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