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A happy and healthy new year!

Are the scales being unkind?

Do your favourite jeans feel a little snug?

Or just feel you could improve your health by eating better?

Well, a new year and maybe some health or weight management related resolutions. Maybe the same resolutions that you made last year or even previous years. What will make 2021 different for you?

Motivation – personal or more general triggers can become the thing that makes you want to change. There is a causal relationship between being overweight and the risk of many diseases – heart disease, stroke and some cancers – we can now add Covid 19 to the list.

However, your motivation will be unique to you and to act on it you may want help that is also unique to you. I offer personalised dietary advise for general well-being and weight management aims. No fad diets, just sound proven methods. My goal is to work with you to give you the tools you need to achieve your personal health objectives. Your Goals. Your way.

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